Pastoral Care & Prayer Support

Pastoral CareAs the established Church, the Church of England is part of everyday life across the whole of the country, not just for those who choose to attend church services. Wherever we live in England, each person is a member of an ecclesiastical parish, with all the rights and privileges that this entails. Each person has the right to be baptised and married in their parish church, and to be buried in the churchyard or local cemetery, as well as having the services of the clergy at other important times.

But care of the local community is not just confined to the “occasional offices” as they are known. The clergy in each parish have pastoral care for each resident and are available to all people – of whatever faith or none. Many people are not aware that prayers are offered daily to God on behalf of the community, sharing in all the joys and sorrows of those who live in the area and beyond.

Coupled with this is the work carried out by other members of the Church, often done in an informal way. An important part of Christianity is being of service to those around us, and this goes on each and every day. In all our parishes we aim to support the local communities in prayer and action, giving caring help in all aspects of life, both good and bad. 

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