Covid 19

Following the Corona Virus Pandemic, some practices in church have changed. 
Hand sanitizer will continue to be available in churches and should still be used. 
"The Peace" during services of Holy Communion is now shared simply by waving to one another, which cuts down on any possible transmision of viruses.

Holy Communion is now administered using the practice of simultaneous administration. This means that the consecrated bread will have been dipped in the chalice by the eucharistic president and then administered to each communicant individually.

This is done in the following manner:

  • The person administering wears disposable gloves.
  • Each wafer is taken from a special vessel, dipped individually and placed in the hand of the communicant.
  • Any remaining wine is safely consumed as the only person to have been in physical contact with it is the eucharistic president.

Please feel free to come and join us. Also, if you know of anyone who may appreciate a phone call please let me know.