BallotOn this page there are several church-based resources concerning the forthcomng General Election on 4th July 2024.

A Hustings will be held in St. Nicholas' Church, Haxey on Tuesday 25th June at 7 p.m., where local electors will have the opportunity to question parliamentary candidates standing in the constituency of "Doncaster East and the Isle of Axholme."

So far, four of the six candidates have confirmed that they will be taking part:

Lee Pitcher (Labour)

Irwen Martin (Reform)

Michael Longfellow (Climate Party)

Nick Fletcher (Conservative)

Paul Garrett (Green) [Yet to confirm]

Nicola Turner (Liberal Democrat) [Not attending]

Also, the bishops of the Church of England have issued a call to put prayer and participation at the heart of the General Election campaign as the UK prepares to go to the polls.

The Church of England is launching a campaign known as "Pray Your Part", to promote prayer and participation in the life of our nation and communities, both as voters and as citizens. Please click on the image below for more information.

Pray Your Part